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Apart from how the investor will do the construction, there are other bigger and more important concerns.

These can be listed as the security of finance, legal differences, technical uncertainties, uncertainties caused by being a foreigner to a market.

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An investor has some worries not only about the construction of a project but also he / she has main and significant concerns about security of the finance, legal discrepancies, technical uncertainties and indeterminate conditions of being foreign to the new market. 

Technical or scientific characterization of an investment is the same all around the world, whereas the policies of the governments, legal discrepancies, political approaches to capital itself varies from country to country. Difficulty of cash entrance, unnecessary audit controls for cash turnover, high taxes, unnecessary and very often legislation and regulation changes are very big and important concerns for an investment.

From the legal point of view, difficulty of encashment, long running battle of the cases, execution, recognition and enforcement problems are other set of uncertainties.

Technical uncertainties are the other main source of problems,e.g. variations, regulation changes, poor design quality problems, clashes on technical documents, discrepancies at the contract clauses or the addenda of the contract, delay in the official documents, late handing over of the site, approvals of local authorities, ill prepared contracts.

Misinformant consultants are the main reason for the huge losses for the investors, such as, unsuitable feasibility studies, wrong risk analysis, lack of Supervision on the Consultants, lack of technical knowledge, lack of knowledge about the costs and the quality of the materials and the workmanship of the new market.


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