Project 5 - Azerbeycan Projects (10)
Azerbeycan Projects


World Bank – Road Feasibility Studies,

Caucasian Countries, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Nakhichevan, Iran and Southern Russia Autonomous Region,

Approximate Loan Provided 1.6 Billion USD

Services Provided

  • Preparing a report for the purpose of the feasibility study and ensuring its presentation in accordance with the World Bank Procurement legislation

  • Contract Management

  • Management of contractual issues related to FIDIC-based articles of association


Yevlak – Gence Highway Repair Project

Baku, Azerbaijan,

Approximate Cost: 60 Million USD

Services Provided

  • Project Control and Management

  • Contractual Management

  • Technical Office Management

  • Design Management

  • Planning-Budget Management

  • Purchasing Management

  • Site Management

  • Tender Management

  • Quality Management

  • Reporting and Control