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Mayem Group Company

Services Provided

  • Contract Management

  • Claim Management

  • Dispute Management

  • Protecting the Investor’s Finance and Law

  • Preparation of Risk Assessment Reports

  • Providing Consultancy for the Credit and Financing model

  • Coordination and Control teams

  • Performing Value Engineering

  • Management and Organization of All Technical, Legal and Financial Affairs

  • Tender and Purchasing Management

  • Preparation of Progress Payments and Final Account

  • Partial – Provisional – Final Acceptance

  • Managing Warranty Liability Periods

  • Conflict Analysis and Management

  • Monitoring and Management of Financial Guarantees

  • Preparation of All Kinds of Service or product Purchase Contracts

  • Preparation of Contractor, Subcontractor, Procurement, Consultancy, Design Contracts

  • Preparing Agreements, Addendums, Protocols

  • Conducting Contract Negotiations

  • Protection of the party against loss of rights

  • Following Correspondence and Processes

  • Following the notification periods and ensuring that the notifications are made correctly
  • Preparation of all legal and technical documents in claim management

  • Determining the legal and technical rights that can be requested

  • Determining Uncertainty and Potential Demand Issues

  • Making delay analysis and preparing an expert file

  • Quantum analysis and preparation of an expert file

  • Providing legal and financial expert opinions

  • Preparation of the request file and its presentation while protecting the contractual rights

Ensuring that dispute resolution steps are taken correctly and that the least damage is passed.

  • Friendly solution
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation commission
  • Dispute Resolution boards (DAB, DRB, DAAB)
  • Arbitration

For these methods counted

  • Preparation of petitions
  • Establishment of Arbitration Committees
  • Establishment of technical expert panels
  • Preparation of witness statements and annexes

Attendance and party attorneyship – through our lawyer team