Project 1 - Okmeydanı T&R Hospital (1)

Project Features

Project: Okmeydanı T&R Hospital Project.

Employer: T.C. İstanbul Governorship Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPKB)

Contract Amount: 200 Million USD

Total Closed Area: 250.000 m2

Contractor: Taşyapı Construction

Key Issues: International agreement on unit price procedure based on FIDIC Red Book 92 edition

Seismic isolators were used within the scope of ISMEP project.

Services Provided

  • Management of contractual issues related to the FIDIC Red Book 1992-based articles of association
  • Preparing the infrastructure for claims
  • Claim management. Coordination and management of related studies
  • Managing the DAB (Dispute Adjudication Board), DRB (Dispute Resolution Board) processes. Coordination and preparation of relevant studies
  • Preparation, follow-up and management of subcontractor contracts.
  • Management of all kinds of official correspondence, follow-up, distribution and archiving.
  • Budgeting and Cost Control, Work Schedule Preparation, Project Records, Design Coordination, Monthly Administrative
  • Coordination of the regulation of progress payments, Coordination of LEED and Environmental Management Processes