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Our Working Model

YY-PMC provides services with its valuable stakeholders and partners in all main headings and sub-headings listed below;

It is possible to develop a working model for the services to be selected according to the needs.

Our working models are not limited to these service packages listed below.

Our working models can be listed as follows;

Our Working Models

As Employer or Investor Representative

  • Protection of the investor’s finance and legal rights
  • Risk assessment reports
  • Due-diligence – Feasibility studies
  • Procurement and Project Presentation Methods (Design and Built D&B, Built Operate and Transfer BOT, Public Private Partnership PPP … etc)
  • Consultancy for the Credit and Financing Model
  • Land acquisition and condemnation studies
  • Organization and coordination of engineering, consultancy, procurement and design teams
  • Technical and legal permissions
  • Pre-qualification files
  • ‘Value Engineering’
  • Management and organization of all technical, legal and financial teams
  • Preparation and management of contracts
  • Profitability analysis
  • Profitability analysis of the project in all stages
  • Potential risky clauses of the contracts and agreements
Our Working Models

Project Management / Technical Consultancy

  • Tender Management
  • Design Management
  • Planning and Budget Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Interim and final payments certificates
  • Partial – Provisional – Final Acceptance
  • Defects Liability Periods DLP
  • Claim analysis and management
  • Efficiency – Cost / Benefit analysis
  • Progress tracking and reporting
  • Management of financial guarantees
  • Contingency analysis and potential claim issues
  • Site management – coordination between the vendors, contractors and sub-contractors
  • The monthly progress meetings
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QA/QC)
  • Quantity survey studies
  • Financial Guarantees’ Management, (Advance and Performance Guarantees)
  • Construction and All-risk Insurance Management
  • Claim Management
  • Dispute Management
Our Working Models

Contract Management

  • All kinds of services and procurement contracts
  • International trade contracts
  • Contractor, Subcontractor, Procurement, Consultancy and Design Contracts
  • Agreements, Addendums, Protocols
  • Contracts for short-medium-long term jobs
  • Alternative clauses to protect the Client
  • Procedural responsibilities coming out of the contract
  • The hierarchy of the contract documents
  •  Retyping the clauses with better and understandable language
  • Collaboration with legal professionals to make them prepare proper clauses
  • Determination of the correct contract method and type
  • Drafting the contract including;
  • The attachments
    • Technical drawings
    • Technical documents
    • Method Statements
    • Technical specifications
    • Tender documents
  • Attending the contract negotiations
  • Risk Analysis for the contract terms
Our Working Models

Claim Management / Dispute Management

  • Claim files / Dispute files
  • All correspondences, protecting the Client from potential loss of entitlements
  • Notices for the claims / disputes
  • Answers to the Notices from the counter-parties
  • All legal and technical documents for claim management/dispute management
  • Coordination with the planning departments for the critical delay events
  • Collaboration with technical offices for drafting the correspondences
  • Coordination with the relevant departments for the Claim file preparation
  • Reporting the top management about the veracity and amounts of the claims
  • Determination of the legal and technical rights of the parties
  • Potential claim issues
  • Delay analysis / Quantum analysis and preparation of the expert files
  • Legal and financial expert opinions
  • The Notice of arbitration/statements/witness statements and the attachments
  • Management of the dispute resolution steps;
    • Friendly solution / Amicable settlements
    • Mediation / Conciliation
    • Early Neutral Evaluation
    • Dispute Resolution / Adjudication / Avoidance boards (DAB, DRB, DAAB)
    • Arbitration
  • Establishment of Arbitration Committees
  • Preparation of and Attending the DAB / DRB hearings and Arbitration hearings.